The West Michigan Transportation Club Bylaws
(revised February 2020)


The Name of this club shall be the West Michigan Transportation Club. (Formerly Grand Rapids  Transportation Club). The name change became effective January 2003 with the merger of the Muskegon  Transportation Club. 


Mission Statement 

The West Michigan Transportation Club is made up of members that are united by the common bond and  devotion to build closer relationships between people in all modes of transportation and related fields of  business. 

Guiding Principles 

  • To provide a forum which promotes fellowship and social interaction through various activities that  are organized by the governing Board throughout the year. 
  • By assembly, allow opportunities to network and learn more about various forms of the industries. · Establish events that give its members and guests a forum to entertain their customers and associates. 
  • Mutual respect and consideration for fellow members, competition, the industry and the community as a whole. 


Section I: Membership Classes: Membership in this club shall consist of four classes: 1) Active Member,  2) Associate/Guest Member and 3) Honorary 4) Alternate. 

Section II: Membership Time Limits: Membership shall be effective from January 1 to December 31st.  Dues not paid by March 31st of each year may not get posted on the Club’s website member list. 

Section III: Membership Classes: 1) “Active” Membership is open to all men and women who are  actively engaged in all related transportation matters. 2) Associate/Guest Members include those that may  not be currently engaged in handling transportation matters, due to job change or temporary  unemployment although has been in the Industry previously. 3) Honorary Membership is someone chosen  by the Board because of their long standing devotion to the Club or Industry and may (or may not) have  departed from the Industry in whole or in part. 4) An Alternate Member is 1) a reserved position for the  previous year(s) President “past President” and 2) a member having interest in serving on the Board and  is approved by majority vote of the standing Board members. 

Section IV: Individual Member: Any member of this club having paid dues on an individual basis, who,  by reason of change of occupation becomes ineligible, as defined herein, as an active member, shall  continue to have all the privileges of an active member during the current dues year. They then can rejoin  as an Associate/Guest member for a period of up to three years if not employed in the industry. 

Section V: Company Membership: Any member of the club who has a membership for the account of a  Company paying dues shall lose privileges as an active member upon separation from the company  paying dues. The company paying the dues shall have the right to fill the membership with another  employee. The departing individual may join individually as an Associate/Guest member for a period of  up to three years if not employed in the industry. They would be expected to pay dues at that time in order  to continue their status as a member. 

Section VI: Contract Exclusion: Any person or company joining the club shall incur no contract  obligation. Neither shall any member or any other person acquire any vested rights, in any fund thereof.  The obligations of each member shall be purely voluntary and not otherwise.

Section VII: Membership Application: Each application for membership shall be made to the Executive  Treasurer in writing, and shall state the name, business and position of the applicant and whether the  applicant as an individual will pay dues or by the firm employing the applicant. Dues for current year  must accompany the application. If the applicant is rejected, the fee shall be returned. 

Section VIII: Dues / Assessments: The Executive Committee will determine the annual dues. When the  amount of money in the hands of the Executive Treasurer shall be less than three Hundred dollars  ($300.00), through no fault of the Club’s general business manner or any one individuals actions, the  Executive Committee may order a special assessment on the membership as a whole. 

Section IX: Failure To Pay Dues or Assessment: Any member failing to pay his annual dues or special  assessment that may be levied by the Executive Committee, after sixty days, shall forfeit his membership  in the club and his rights therein. They may be reinstated once the past due fees are paid. 

Section X: Failure To Pay Event Fees: Any member or person that makes reservations to attend an event  and fails to pay, whether they actually attended or not, shall be sent an invoice for the amount due. If they  fail to pay within 60 days, that person or company shall not attend any further events until the debt is  made whole. A list of those involved shall be maintained by the Executive Treasurer. 

Section XI: Suspension: The Executive Committee may, by a majority vote, suspend any member of the  club, who in its judgment shall have been guilty of gross misbehavior, or of obtaining membership  without proper qualification, and such suspension shall continue until the next regular meeting of the  club, when, unless it be then revoked by a two-thirds vote of the members present, such suspended  member shall cease to be a member of the club. Notice of such action shall be given to such member and  he shall be accorded an opportunity to be heard by the Executive Committee before suspension and by the  club at its next (regular or special meeting). The Executive Committee for the club’s final approval must  make all matters pertaining to suspension a subject of regular meeting after action.


Section I: Positions: The officers of this club, referred to as “Board Members” or “Executive  Committee”, shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, four Board Members, a Secretary, a 

Treasurer and the Retiring President as an Alternate. Any Honorary, so chosen by the Board, that wishes  to be an active Board member, will have voting privileges. If the Retiring President is unable to take a one  or two year term as an Alternate, it may be filled as a board position if deemed necessary by the Board  and voted on. 

Section II: Elected Officers (Board Members)1 

President: One year (or two years as approved by the incoming Board) – The President shall preside over  meetings, establish committees, determine events, and work with Board members in performing the duties  and business of the Club. 

1st VP – Two years: Assist President in preparation to succeed to that position. Work on committees as  needed. 

2nd VP – Two years: Assist the President and 1st VP in preparing to succeed to the 1st VP position. Work  on committees as needed. 

Board – Two years; Work on committees and help conduct the Clubs business. 

Board – Two years: Work on committees and help conduct the Clubs business 

Board – One year: Work on committees and help conduct the Clubs business. 

Board – One year: Work on committees and help conduct the Clubs business 

Secretary – As determined by the Executive Committee (see below) 

Treasurer – As determined by the Executive Committee (see below) 

Honorary – One year increments as determined by the Executive 

Committee. Honorary has voting rights and discretionary committee work. 

Alternate – One year as determined by the Executive Committee: has voting rights and discretionary  committee work.

1 – In case of any vacancy it shall be filled by the appointment of another member for the un-expired term  by the Executive Committee.(as before) 

Executive Treasurer – shall perform all mailings to all members of not less than 4 weeks prior an event.  Collect all dues, issue past due notices, perform collections where necessary and keep an accounting of  each members status in the Club. The Executive Treasurer shall have charge of all funds. They shall  report fully on the affairs of his office to the Executive Committee at each Board meeting the money of  the club shall be deposited in a bank selected by the Executive Committee, in the name of the club. Their  accounts shall be kept in books belonging to the club which shall be at all times open to any member of  the Executive Committee and or Audit Committee appointed by the President. 

Executive Secretary – shall keep and preserve a record of the proceeding of each regular meeting as well  as meeting of the Executive Committee, together with all matters of which a record shall be deemed  necessary or desirable by the club or the Executive Committee, such records being available for reference  by the officers or members of the Executive Committee on request. The Secretary shall create the event  flyer and distribute it to the persons and committee responsible for the event – for further distribution as  the case may be. The Secretary shall also create any other visuals called upon for business purposes of the  Club or committees. In the absence of the Executive Secretary at any regular meeting of this club, a  member of the Executive Committee, such member to be selected by the President, thereof will perform  the duties. 

Section II: Salary Positions: The salary of the Executive Treasurer shall be five hundred dollars ($500.00)  per year and he/she shall be exempt from dues. The Executive Secretary shall receive the same  compensation. If the two positions are performed by one person, they shall receive the combined amount. 

At the discretion of the Board with consideration of the Club’s financial situation, the President may be  gifted or receive monetary compensation equal in value for his or her hard work during the course of their  term in office. The amount is not to exceed $500 in value.


Section I.2: At all regular meeting of this club the order of business shall be as below. An “agenda” must  be prepared in advance and distributed to those in attendance. Board Members may contribute subject  matters to put on the agenda. 

  1. Report of Officers & Executive Committee. 
  2. Report of standing and special committees. 
  3. Unfinished business. 
  4. New business. 
  5. Miscellaneous. 

2 – Five members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum to do business 

Section II: Meeting Chairman: Presiding over meetings, in case of absenteeism, in succession, are  President, 1st VP, 2nd VP then Secretary 

Section III: Rules of Order: Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the Procedure at the meeting of this club  so far as they are consistent with the by-laws. 

Section IV: Meeting Schedule: Regular meetings shall be held throughout the year as deemed necessary  by the Board in preparation to organize activities and to perform the business duties of the Club. Special  meetings may be called upon at any time by the President 

Section V: Annual Meeting: The annual meeting of this club (Annual Dinner) shall be held in December  of each year at such time and place as may be determined upon by the executive committee, and written  notice of annual meeting shall be mailed to each member at least 30 days before date thereof. 

At the Annual (Dinner) Meeting, the President shall introduce the upcoming Board for next year, preview  the financial records from the previous year, vote on any pending matters, announce the expectations or  events for the upcoming year and conduct any other business matters of the club that are necessary.

Section VI: January Planning Meeting: The President, after his election and installation at the Annual  Meeting in December, shall hold a Board meeting in January to determine activities for the year and  select a committee for each along with a chairperson. The said Chairperson of the committee will get in  free to the outing they are in charge of. 


Section I: Meeting/Event Schedule: Main activities should be scheduled approximately in March, May,  June and Oct. The Annual Dinner is in the first part of December. Intermittent events (i.e. happy hours)  may be scheduled at anytime in-between. 

Section II: Committee Responsibilities: The committee chairperson along with his/her committee  members are responsible to obtain any contracts involved, establish cost and price, and project a profit  margin for the event. They are also responsible to secure any other needs to put the event on. They are to  seek the help of other Board Members as the need may be. The said Chairperson of the committee will get  in free to the outing they are in charge of. 

Section III: Financial Responsibility: All moneys collected by anyone involved in an event shall deposit  the money to the Committee Chairperson who in turn shall deposit the money with the Executive  Treasurer. This should be done immediately after the event. A copy of any Contract shall be placed with  the Executive Treasurer. All bills must be approved (initialed or signed) by the Chairperson then  forwarded on to the Executive Treasurer immediately as well. The Executive Treasurer shall then pay the  bills in a timely manner. The Executive Treasurer shall then report the breakdown of charges/income and  profit/loss to the Executive Committee soon thereafter if possible or at the next meeting.


Section I: Candidate Selection: A meeting shall be held in October or November by the Executive  Committee and shall recommend candidates for office for the upcoming year for the offices to be filled.  Candidates shall be approved by two-thirds vote by the Executive Committee. Any other member in good  standing that has expressed an interest in an Executive position will be included in the ballot.

Section II: Voting Process: A ballot shall be mailed as soon after the meeting as practical to all members  listing the nominees along with a “fill in” space for each position. Any “fill in” named member that  reaches a majority vote, must also be approved by two-thirds vote of the existing Executive Committee. 

Section III: Eligibility: Any and all active members in good standing are eligible to run for office. 

Section IV: Voting Announcement: Results of the election process to be announced at the Annual  (Dinner) Meeting by the President.


Section I: A Surety Bond, the amount of which is not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), shall  cover the Executive Treasurer. This club shall assume the cost of this surety bond.


Amendments to these by-laws may be made by a vote of 2/3rds vote of the Executive Committee at a  meeting of said Board having a minimum quorum. Written notice must be submitted to the Board at least  10 days before such meeting outlining the purpose of the meeting. Following adoption by the Board, such  amendments shall be published on the website for not less than 60 days. Such amendments are subject to  removal or change by the General Membership by presenting a motion to the Board with just cause. The  Board may then elect to either have a General Membership meeting or mail a ballot out to the General  Membership. In either instance, the majority rule of 51% will prevail.